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Commercial Services from Digital Rain Sprinkler Service
Digital Rain Sprinkler Service can custom design a commercial irrigation and drainage system tailored to your landscape needs. Proper installation and maintenance of commercial irrigation and drainage products will enhance your company's landscape, and ultimately, your business image. Save water and protect the environment by choosing an efficient irrigation system for your property and taking simple steps to save water each day.

custom design
Digital Rain Sprinkler Service irrigation systems are custom designed for your property.
Well designed and installed irrigation systems conserve water in many ways. Let us install a new irrigation system to reduce waste, better utilize rainwater and develop a landscape that requires less water to maintain. We have many ways to increase the efficiency of your irrigation system. Newer technology offered today over equipment only installed a few years ago can render large water savings in the range of 30% or more.
Effective Components
  • Automatic Timers
  • Rain Sensors
  • Sealed, trouble free, Sprinkler Heads

Proper Installation
  • Carefully sealed pipe connections to eliminate leaks
  • Water proof wire connections for long term reliability and corrosion protection
We're here for you after your installation. Our relationship continues after the sale with no-hassle preventative maintenance services like annual system winterization and spring start up.
We service and repair all makes and models of irrigation equipment and systems including: Rain Bird, Hunter, Toro, and many others. See more about our repair and maintenance services here.
Spring Start Up
In order to ensure there are no water leaks, breaks or cracks, or clogs in the systems, irrigation systems should ideally be checked annually, usually in spring or early summer.

Our technicians will turn off the water supply, clear and prepare all the lines to prevent freezing, and leakage. The cost to make repairs on systems which have frozen is great and a bit of prevention each fall will ensure you are leak-free and ready to water your lawn and landscape in the spring.

Consider Drip Irrigation.

Studies show that drip irrigation systems use 30 - 50% less water than conventional watering methods, such as sprinklers.

  • Improves growth - Smaller amounts of water applied over a longer amount of time provide ideal growing conditions. Drip irrigation extends watering times for plants, and prevents soil erosion and nutrient runoff. Also, because the flow is continuous, water penetrates deeply into the soil to get well down into the root zone.

  • Discourages weeds - Water is only delivered where it's needed.

  • Saves time - Setting and moving sprinklers is not required. A timer can be added to the system for automatic watering.

  • Helps control fungal diseases, which grow quickly under moist conditions. 

  • Adaptable - A drip irrigation system can be modified easily to adjust to the changing needs of the seasons

Digital Rain Sprinkler Service can evaluate any problems with your existing system and offer a cost effective solution to help you save water and in doing so, save money. Contact us for a free, no obligation evaluation of your current irrigation system.
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