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Our Services
  • Residential and commercial irrigation systems
  • Service and repair to existing systems
  • Upgrades for existing sprinkler systems
  • Spring start up / Winter shut down
A properly designed and installed irrigation system is a great way to easily maintain your yard. With Digital Rain Sprinkler Service irrigation system design and installation services, you'll know your yard is getting the right amount of water when it needs it to stay green, happy, and healthy.
Digital Rain Sprinkler Service can custom design a commercial irrigation and drainage system tailored to your landscape needs. Proper installation and maintenance of commercial irrigation and drainage products will enhance your company's landscape, and ultimately, your business image.
When your residential or commercial irrigation system isn't working like it should, let Digital Rain Sprinkler Service handle the problem for you. We fix leaks, replace broken lines, repair or replace sprinkler heads, and install new parts, including back-flow preventers, valves, and controllers for both new and existing systems.

Whether it is a matter of winterizing or activation of your sprinkler for spring, installation or technical design our team of experienced technicians can take care of it. Even the best designed and installed sprinkler system will need minor repairs and adjustments over time. Contact Digital Rain Sprinkler Service to schedule a check up on your existing sprinkler system. 

We also offer many additional irrigation services

  • Irrigation System Installation
  • Irrigation System Repair
  • Irrigation System Removal and Relocation
  • Irrigation System Additions and Layout Changes
In order to ensure there are no water leaks, breaks or cracks, or clogs in the systems, irrigation systems should ideally be checked annually, usually in spring or early summer. Read more about our seasonal services here.
Rain Bird
Toro Irrigation
Drip/Low Volume Irrigation

Drip (or micro) irrigation, also known as trickle irrigation, functions as its name suggests. In this system water falls drop by drop just at the position of roots. Water is delivered at or near the root zone of plants, drop by drop. This method can be the most water-efficient method of irrigation, if managed properly, since evaporation and runoff are minimized. The field water efficiency of drip irrigation is 80 to 90 percent. We can easily convert flower bed or garden portions of a sprinkler system to drip irrigation by installing new valves and equipment and creating separate watering zones.

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BEAT THE DROUGHT.  With drought in the news and water restrictions being enforced in many areas, water conservation makes sense. Drip irrigation uses up to 50% less water than conventional watering methods and puts the water only where it's needed. 
Rainwater Harvesting
Collecting rainwater just makes sense: It conserves a precious resource and reduces water bills
  • Reduce water bills including city sewer charges
  • Alleviate demand on municipal systems
  • Avoid strict watering schedules

Better for your  landscape

  • Rainwater is extremely rich in nutrients
  • Using rainwater to irrigate will reduce fertilizer use
  • No chemicals have been added to rainwater
We're here for you after your installation. Our relationship continues after the sale with no-hassle preventative maintenance services like annual system winterization and spring start up. Contact Digital Rain Sprinkler Service here or call 402-934-7900 now.
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